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Partner with Zymr's AI/ML expertise to gain an unfair advantage in product and platform engineering, powered by AI/ML services, AIML development services. Drive your digital transformation with our cutting-edge AI-native solutions and gain an edge in the industry.

AI-Native Digital Ecosystems

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AI/ML Services - Case Study - ResolveAI/ML Services - Case Study - WebrootAI/ML Services - Case Study - BaffleAI/ML Services - Case Study - Cigna

Our AI/ML Services Portfolio

We specialize in modern Al/ML services utilizing high-velocity multi-structured datasets and employing top-tier data management, privacy, and observability practices. With a deep understanding of MLOps and data science, our solutions are designed for a range of use cases with assured security and compliance. Empower your competitive innovations with AWS, Azure, and Salesforce, for an intelligent digital transformation.


We offer AI-native consulting that empowers businesses with invaluable insights to develop proof-of-value proposals for their domain-specific use cases. Our POV delivery model includes requirements analysis, scoping, model development, and MLOps data engineering for your unfair advantage in the race for innovation.

AI/ML Develop

Our AI/ML services offer you an upper hand with full-stack analytics solutions that integrate data engineering, MLOps, QE Automation, and SRE. We leverage feature engineering, model selection, and MLOps to train models and ensure automated monitoring aligned with your quality, security, and performance objectives.

AI/ML Support

We provide comprehensive AI support services, including MLOps planning and monitoring, data privacy, and governance. Develop a monitoring and management plan according to your vision for the AI/ML pipeline. Our CloudOps experts also ensure KPI-driven monitoring with data observability, for your consistent performance.

AI/ML Optimize

Our AI-native optimization, powered by CloudOps expertise, streamlines analytics and engineering pipelines with cost reduction and automation. The priority is to ensure data security with comprehensive cybersecurity and GRC monitoring. Automate your regression cycles and hyperparameter tuning to reinforce ML models for quality insights.
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AI/ML Services - Case Study
AI/ML Services - Case Study
AI/ML Services - Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing

Our AI Native expertise in Natural Language Processing enhances operations and customer engagement across domains and industries. Smarten your business processes with improved threat monitoring, data extraction, customer feedback analysis, and fraud detection.

Computer Vision

Our AI/ML experts help you interpret visual information for tasks such as product recognition, medical imaging, quality control, and autonomous processing. Explore our expertise in computer vision to improve automation, accuracy, and efficiency for your business needs.


We offer optimized and automated IT operations with our AIOps capabilities. Leverage our AI Native expertise and AI/ML algorithms for real-time data analysis, predictive analytics with improved operational efficiency and reduced downtime.
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Tech Skills
Our AI/ML services focus on robust data engineering, and MLOps to for rapid automation, application modernization, and codeless development
Domain Skills
Our AI/ML Services offer customized AI-native products and platforms for domain specific needs and digital transformation strategies
Dev Expertise
You can leverage our AI/ML expertise to build smart automation platforms with cloud-native tools and AI applications
Automate Expertise
Zymr offers its AI/ML expertise with the benefits of developing, monitoring, and optimizing with smart automation tools.


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Data Privacy Compliance with NLP and Predictive Analytics

Zymr’s RSA Award Winning SASE Expertise for your Cybersecurity Products

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